A number of new releases in Japan such as aromatic matchsticks and beautiful black fallen leaf-shaped incense have put some interesting twists on incense, but one fragrance maker has decided to take a break from their usual scented products and make some eco-friendly use out of their leftovers.

GRASSE TOKYO is making a departure from their standard fragrance products to release a new miniature and charming way to get your fire started, with an upcycled firelighter made from waste bamboo sawdust.

"Takenoko" (Japanese for "bamboo shoot") is an igniter that can easily light wood or charcoal for barbecues, bonfires, wood stoves, or campfires. By upcycling the bamboo sawdust that is generated as waste material at their processing plant when manufacturing their aromatic bamboo reed sticks, they've been able to reduce waste and create a biodegradable miniature fire starter.

By molding it into a well-balanced circular shape and reducing the ground contact area on the bottom, the combustion efficiency is increased, and it can burn cleanly until the end.

The Takenoko fire starters are available in two different packages, one that simply uses upcycled bamboo sawdust and another that blends bamboo with paper waste.

Both will be available to order from GRASSE TOKYO in August. In the meantime updates on the product will be made on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.