Japanese Akihabara-based retailer Thanko tends to focus on "practical" appliances, including wearable kotatsu and silent ice making machines, but they've recently been on a streak of releases specially designed for one person, such as the ultimate privacy tent and bento-sized personal rice cooker.

That trend looks to be continuing in a way certain to please noodle lovers, as Thanko is getting a lot of buzz for one of its newer releases, a "foldable" compact ramen nabe hot pot made for one person.

The compact folding ramen nabe is a collapsible electric pot made of silicone material that can be pushed from the top to reduce its height by half when not in use. It can be used to bring food to a boil on high heat and simmer it on low heat.

It's just the right size for instant bagged ramen, and the lid has a hole for draining hot water, so you can make instant yakisoba as well. In addition, the included steamer can be used to easily steam dishes for a stew.

You watch just how convenient and easy it is to whip up a gourmet ramen bowl for one in the video below:

The one-person foldable ramen nabe hot pot is available from Thanko in Japan, but can also be purchased from Amazon.

By - Big Neko.