On June 24th, Japanese mobile network company IVR officially released “VR Kareshi" (boyfriend), a virtual dating service app available for Android/iOS, as previously introduced in grape Japan.

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To celebrate the milestone, they are also having a campaign event to give out bromides of four main characters with autographs of each voice actor. 3 bromides of each character will be given to those selected through raffles during the campaign period on Twitter from June 24th to July 7th, 11:59 pm.

The main story of the game starts from where you had left your company after a very dreadful competition with your colleagues in the fashion industry. It was so stressful that you even forgot why you wanted to be a stylist to begin with. Then, you once again are reminded by a friend why you wanted to “make someone happy through fashion”. You decide to have a fresh start again in spring, and then you meet “him”. That’s the beginning of your love story.

There are four default boyfriend characters.

Each of them has different personalities and stories. You can choose your ideal match, and pursue your love story.

In addition, each character has a default design but you can also adjust their body type, hair style, and skin tone to your preference. With this app, you can make your own unique VR boyfriend!

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By - Mugi.