As the world is starting to go back to the way things used to be, there’s one thing for certain that is tagging along with us that we didn’t have before the global pandemic of 2020/21 – the vaccine for COVID-19.

Despite not knowing how long the vaccine can cover us for, it offers humanity a chance at regaining life resembling some sort of normality, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Japan itself has had a slow start at joining the vaccine race, with only 2.4% vaccinated as of May 13th which paled in comparison to America’s 41% at the time (according to Our World in Data). We’re beginning to catch up though, and closing the gap, as we’ve seen a surge in vaccination numbers over the last month, and are now around the 18.99% mark.

To help speed things up and get the ball rolling, a number of companies have taken it upon themselves to encourage public vaccination. One particular company following suit is Asakusa Jidaiya, the traditional rickshaw pullers of the Asakusa area.

As a push to bounce back tourism in the Asakusa area, the rickshaw company is offering a 10% discount on rides for those who have been vaccinated. The special campaign started on 22 June 2021, and will remain in place until stated otherwise by the company.

The past year has been no easy one for any business, but for those based in the tourism industry it has been one of soul crushing torment.
Asakusa Jidaiya has been behind the rickshaw business in Asakusa for more than 24 years. The oversaw a steady rise in customers since they began operation, but all of that came to sudden and drastic halt after the spread of COVID-19 led to rules and regulations on social distancing. This sharp drop in numbers has become a severe situation for the tourism company, which without support from the government, has been pushed to the very limit.

The tourism industry has suffered deeply this year, and it’s companies like Asakusa Jidaiya that need the help and support of the public in order to keep running into the future. It is because of this, that Asakusa Jidaiya has taken the initiative to resume activities. The hope is that they will not only entice tourists back into the area, but that they will also encourage others to get vaccinated, so that the tourism world can get back to normal as soon as possible.

The rickshaw company has introduced a number of measures in order to provide a safe sightseeing experience in Asakusa. Customers are required to disinfect their hands and to wear masks, whilst the rickshaw driver checks his temperature daily and wears a mask when working. In addition to having the cabin disinfected after each ride, the rickshaw has received a special antibacterial coating that fights off any signs of viral activity.

Asakusa Rickshaw Vaccination Campaign Discount Outline

A 10% discount on tourist rickshaw rides through Asakusa. There are two courses available, one for 30 minutes and the other for a 60 minute ride.

– Must be fully vaccinated with 2 injections of the COVID-19 vaccine.
– Must make a reservation in advance and apply using the instructions for the campaign
– Must show proof of full vaccination at the time of boarding

Campaign discount pricing:
30 minute course for 2 passengers 8,100 yen (usually 9,000 yen)
60 minute course for 2 passengers 15,750 yen (usually 17,500 yen)

*The campaign is only applicable to those who have been fully vaccinated. Those who have not been vaccinated will be charged at the regular rate.
*All passengers (vaccinated or not) are requested to cooperate in disinfecting hands and wearing masks before, during and after the ride.
*This discount campaign cannot be used in combination with other rickshaw plans or discount services.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.