Japanese apparel brand PHILOSOPHIA is releasing a new Annin Dofu (Almond Tofu dessert) fragrance series, “ROOM FRAGRANCE Annin”. Their previous items of the series “Eau de toilette-LIQUID FRAGRANCE Annin” and an oil type fragrance “FRAGRANCE OIL Annin” have been extremely popular, so much so that they were sold out within a few hours after the release.

The lead-sticks soak up the liquid and slowly spread the fragrance in the room. It does not require heat from a fire, so you can safely use this item in the household with small children or pets. This is also a great option for those who cannot wear perfume or prefer not to, to try out the sweet fragrance of Annin series.

Price: 7,920 (Tax included)

Amount: 150ml (5 lead-sticks included)

Fragrance note: Top-Annin, Middle- Lily bell, Last-Vanilla, sugar, musk

To purchase, visit their online store here.

By - Mugi.