In August 2021, OiTr Corporation will launch a new service called OiTr ads, installing dispensers with digital signage functionality to display silent advertisements exclusively in women's restroom stalls in shopping malls, offices, schools, and public facilities throughout Japan. Free sanitary pads dispensed by the device are paid for by the companies placing the ads. The OiTr ads service thus aims to ensure that sanitary napkins are provided to all those who need them.

About OiTr ads

OiTr ads is a digital signage system that delivers video ads (without sound) in women's restroom stalls. When a user enters a stall and sits on the toilet seat, a sensor detects the user and the video ad starts. When the user leaves the room, the ad ends. To prevent congestion in the restroom, the duration of the ad is limited, and once the specified time has passed, it will end even if the user is still in the room.

Merits for advertisers

Since OiTr ads can be distributed only to women, they have a high reach rate and targeting accuracy. They're also highly visible. In addition, advertisers can improve recognition through long-term continuous posting. Commercial facilities can also use OiTr ads to promote products and services encouraging purchases within their premises.

Advertising media that solves social issues

OiTr Inc. recognizes that health issues specific to women are not exclusively women's issues, but also tie into issues such as the gender gap which affect society as a whole. Thusu, OiTr's eco-system, which provides sanitary pads to women free of charge, "aims to create a sustainable society by solving social issues through business."

Partners for social good

OiTr calls all companies that install, sponsor, and advertise their products "Social Good Partners" willing to work together with OiTr to solve social issues based on shared values. Sanitary pads, just like toilet paper, should be always available to all those who need them, and OiTr hopes to create an infrastructure to achieve this with their Social Good Partners.

1,000 by the end of 2021

OiTr ads will launch in August 2021, beginning with the installation of an OiTr unit in the women's restroom at Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fujimi. By the end of 2021, OiTr plans to have a total of 1,000 units installed throughout Japan.

For inquiries

If you are interested in displaying your video ad for your product or service on "OiTr ads" or if you are interested in installing an OiTr ads unit in your facility or establishment, please contact OiTr using the form here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.