SHIROYAMA hotel’s popular wet canelé “SHIROYAMA canelé” has a new item to add to the series for this year’s father’s day!

The new item is called “Brown sugar syrup-Rum flavor wet canelé”. Using rum made with pure cane brown sugar from Amami island, the production of this wet canelé is limited to 200 pieces just for this Father’s day gift package, in addition to their already popular items “Sweet potato Shochu” and “Sakurajima Komikan orange”.

This special gift package “SHIROYAMA canelé-DAREYAME selection” will be available from June 1st to the 21st.

These canelé are made with high quality, local produce ingredients. To pursue the true nature of “Kagoshima”, they came up with the newest item “Grown Syrup Rum wet canelé” which represents the local quality like nothing else. The canelé are soaked overnight in the Rum liquor “RURIKAKESU” made locally with brown sugar syrup, also a local produce from Tokuno island in Amami islands.

When you take a bite, the rum syrup spreads inside the mouth with a burst of rich flavor. This wet canelé is like nothing else out there. All three canelé use quality liquor in ingredients, which makes them a perfect treat while sipping on a glass of whiskey. This will be such a great treat for a drinker, or anyone with a sweet tooth who’s looking for a new dessert to try.

By the way, the name “Dareyame” means to wind out after a hard day of work in Kagoshima dialect. A perfect naming for gifts for our hard-working dads out there on father’s day, don’t you think?

They will be available for purchase online on the hotel official website:

Or at the hotel shop “Maison de Faveur”


6 pieces (5cm x 5cm, 50g each piece)

2000 yen (Online order will be frozen delivery, priced at 3000 yen)

By - Mugi.