Italian Twitter user Massi (@massi3112) has been living in Japan for over 10 years, and seems to be one of the many that has great things to say about their customer great service experiences.

Recently, when Massi was at Starbucks, he couldn’t settle in one seat because he felt too chilly inside the shop. He shared to Twitter what happened when was changing tables many times to find a warmer spot...

"At the Starbucks I’m in right now, I was changing my seat many times. A staff member approached me and asked if everything was okay, looking concerned for me. They not only raised the AC temperature in the shop for me, but also brought me a glass of hot water to warm myself up. This is such a Japanese "omotenashi" (hospitality) and I can’t thank the staff enough. You wouldn't see this in Italy."

The kind staff not only adjusted the room temperature for Massi, they also offered him a warm glass of water.

Since it was late spring, someone feeling too warm then could take off your jacket, or have a cold beverage to cool yourself down, while those feeling chilly, unless they happen to have an extra layer on hand it would be difficult to get warmed up.

There was a lot of praise and surprise expressed online on how quickly the staff reacted to their customer’s needs even without him asking.

"Because of their heart-warming customer service, I became a fan of Starbucks."

"The staff at Starbucks are usually really nice!"

"It’s incredible how they always manage to make a comfortable space for customers’ stay."

We often hear a lot of great stories from Starbucks perhaps because of their great hospitality.

A story like Massi’s surely makes us smile!

By - Mugi.