A silver brand “Ray de plata” debuted in 2020, and released their original Apple Watch band series. The bands are designed with silver 925 and natural gemstones, and with the weights of sterling silver these bands are easily statement jewelry quality, and are available via crowdfunding service Makuake.

Former K1 champion Masato is also a fan of this jewelry and promoted it on his Instagram, which led Yahoo and other news networks to pick up the topic in their articles.

The total number of Apple Watch users in the world recently surpassed 100 million. It is a popular item to say the least. Needless to say, there are many watch bands available out there, however, most of them are made with rubber, leather or stainless steel, none of which makes quite as luxurious fashion statement as these.

You might think the silver jewelry style band will be too eccentric to go with a minimalist style Apple Watch. But that may be the whole point they are making to appeal to “not the usual Apple users” with this new product, “Another Apple Watch band”.

There are 6 designs in total.

Silver band-3 styles (Crown, Skull, Dragon x Moon) All made with silver 925

(Dragon x Moon), shown worn above by Masato.

Crown Silver parts x Leather band-3 styles (Hexagram, Sun, Heart) Silver 925 is used for the silver parts

Market price: All 198,000 yen (tax included)

By - Mugi.