The first show of Takarazuka Live Next will be starring Sho Ayanagi, a graduate from the renowned all-female musical group “Takarzuka”, celebrating her beginning of a new journey. The show will be held in Tokyo and Hyogo prefecture. As special guests to the each show, they have Nao Ayaki for Tokyo (Nippon Seinen-kan Hall) stage and Mizu Natsuki for the Hyogo stage (Takarazuka Bow Hall). This live-performance will consists of gorgeous casting with many other talented Takarazuka graduate performers. This show is not to be missed for Takarazuka fans.!

Performance information and more can be accessed at the group's official website.


“Applause”-Yume Jyuya (Ten night’s of dreams)

Tokyo performance

Date: September 8th – 9th

Location: Nippon Seinenkai Hall

Price: S seat- 10,000 yen, A seat- 6,000 yen

Hyogo performance:

Date: September 23rd- 26th

Location: Takarazuka Bow Hall

Price: Standard 9,000 yen

There will be special talk after the show by Sho Ayanagi & other selected performers from the cast.

By - Mugi.