The UT collection refers to the Uniqlo lineup of T-shirts created in collaboration with different bands, authors, artists, shows, manga, or anime series.

One of their recent collaborations included eight graphic tees that featured motifs from the literary masterpieces of the Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, and a set of stickers and pin badges. You can read more about it here.

This time, Uniqlo teamed up with Yoasobi, the Japanese music duo composed of Ayase and ikura. YOASOBI made their debut last year, in 2020, with the single "Racing into the Night" (「夜に駆ける」 yoru ni kakeru), one of the songs that will also be part of the collection.

The collab will consist of graphic tees inspired by seven of the music duo's songs and music videos, including their hit song Yoru Ni Kakeru and their upcoming track, "Three Primary Colors" (「三原色」sangenshoku).

The T-shirts will be on sale on the 2nd of June, and if you are aiming for their hit song design, it is probably better to be the first in line if you want to buy one. There will be both adult size tees and kids sizes, all featuring iconic scenes, beautiful graphics, and pastel colors.

Here is a more detailed look at the designs:

The adult sizes consist of...

・Two shirts (black and white) inspired by ハルジオン "Halzion," their 3rd single:

・A white shirt with graphics from "Racing into the Night"

・A shirt in a beautiful purple shade color that features visuals from the music video for "Probably" (「たぶん」tabun)

・A white shirt inspired by "Ultramarine" (群青 gunjō) with a detailed print on the back

・A white shirt of their upcoming summer track, "Three Primary Colors" with a minimalistic design in red, blue, and green.

・The YOASOBI design T-shirt in black

Price: The adult-size T-shirts cost 1,500 yen.

The kids-size T-shirts have different designs and are also more colorful.

They feature a white shirt with motifs from their debut song, Racing into the Night, one in pastel green with graphics from "Halzion," a black T-shirt with Yoasobi's key visual design, and two T-shirts with the motifs from "Haruka" (「ハルカ」) in pastel pink), and "Encore" (「アンコール」 ankōru).

I am a fan of the "Haruka" design as the color looks gorgeous, and it also features the moon.

The reason for that is because the main inspiration was "Moon Prince" (月王子 tsuki ōji), a novel by Suzuki Osamu.

The kids-size T-shirts cost 990 yen, and you can view the items in more detail here, on the Uniqlo Official Website.

Also, on the 4th of July (18:00 JST), Yoasobi will be holding a Youtube live stream event, "SING YOUR WORLD," to celebrate the release of the UT collab T-shirts.

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