Japan poses the sweet-toothed with a paradox. The country crafts phenomenal desserts, too tasty not to eat, but then shapes them in the form of adorable characters who are in fact too cute to eat. Anyone who has ever visited a Pokemon Café will know too well the bitter-sweet pleasure of shoveling a spoon full of Pikachu’s head into their mouths and savoring the cakey bliss.

Nowhere is this paradox more intensely felt, than in Japan’s central city of Nagoya, which is home to perhaps the most adorable yet delicious dessert in the whole country. The “Piyorin” is a chick-shaped custard pudding cake. It is filled with a rich custard, made from Nagoya’s delicious Cochin eggs, a famous luxury egg brand known throughout Japan. Its thoroughbred innards are delicious. But, my God, is it too cute to eat.

And yet, people have been flocking to Nagoya to try this local dessert for 10 years now. In fact, in celebration of the adorable cake's popularity, its maker, JR Tokai Food Service Co., Ltd, is holding 10th-anniversary events this year! Check out how these celebrations are elevating the “Pyorin” to a whole new level of cuteness now.

Piyorin 10th anniversary – Dōjima Roll

Piyorin is famously sold in Café Gentiane Leger which is inside Nagoya’s central train station. During the 10th anniversary year, customers can pick up an extra special Dōjima Roll Piyorin cake.

The Dōjima Roll is a cream-filled swiss-roll style cake. The best Dōjima rolls are made by Osakan baker, Mon Cher, the collaborators on this occasion. The decadent collaboration cake comes with a Piyorin, or several Piyorins in the case of a whole cake, perched on top of the roll cake.

In addition to the roll cake, visitors to Café Gentiane Leger can also try a 10th-anniversary custard pudding topped with a Piyorin cake.

Piyorin 10th anniversary - Marriott Hotel collaborations

Nagoya’s branch of the famous hotel chain, Marriott, is doing their bit to celebrate the 10th birthday of their favorite dessert.

The Piyorin shop is selling a Marriot-inspired Piyorin cake, which is charmingly dressed as one of Marriott’s chefs. Perhaps if it's making itself into these cakes, we shouldn’t feel any guilt about eating the kawaii critter.

Visitors the Nagoya’s Marriott Associa Hotel can relax in the lobby lounge and enjoy a special dessert plate made with homemade ice cream in the shape of a Piyorin.

Piyorin plushie - collaboration with Fujisey

Popular teddy bear maker Fujisey Co. Ltd has made a bear cosplaying as Piyorin which is available in Fujisey stores and also online. Wherever you are in Japan, you can celebrate Piyorin’s birthday by buying a bear and treasuring the little guy forever. Just don’t try to eat this one.

So, whether you celebrate with baked goods or teddy bears, you can have a great time celebrating Pyroin’s 10th birthday.

Store and product details

Mon Cher x Piyorin Dōjima Roll collaboration

  • Piyorin Dōjima Roll (cut version): 743 JPY (eat-in price)
  • Piyorin Dōjima Roll (whole): 2,376 JPY (takeout only)
  • Piyorin Vanilla Pudding: 642 JPY (eat-in price)
  • Available in the Piyorin stores and Café Gentiane Leger
  • Sales period: 7/1 – 7/31

Hotel Chef Piyorin Cake

  • Price: 500 JPY (take out only)
  • Sales period: 08/01 – 08/31
  • Location: Piyorin stores in Nagoya

Piyorin Dessert Plate

  • Price: 2,000 JPY (eat-in only)
  • Sales period: 07/01 – 08/31
  • Location: Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Lobby Lounge
  • Website
  • Phone: 052-584-1107

Piyorin Teddy Bear

  • S size (H 260 mm x W 200 mm): 2,500 JPY
  • Mascot size (H 110 mm x W 100 mm): 1,200 JPY

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By - Toby M.