Japanese potato chip maker Koikeya’s Koikeya STRONG lineup focuses on bold and "extra" flavors has released two new summer flavors on June 21st, 2021 available in convenience stores throughout Japan.

The two new flavors are Abare (Wild) Shiso Ume and Oni (Demon) Consommé.

Last year in January, Koikeya released this Wild Shiso Ume and gained great popularity and support from their fans. Now, it’s back with the same tasty Ume flavor with even stronger sourness, making it summer appropriate flavor! Their crinkle thick-cut creates a perfect crunchy texture that compliments the Ume’s strong salty and sour taste, leaving you with a refreshing aftertaste of Shiso.

The second new flavor is Demon consommé. As the name Oni (Demon) implies, the consommé flavor has a demon-like kick to it that goes beyond your standard consommé potato chips. Both chips also come in 85g bags, 1.5 times larger in volume compared to the standard Koikeya 56g bag.

The two new flavors are available in convenience stores across Japan, but can also be purchased from Koikeya's online store.

By - Mugi.