gelato pique is a brand growing in popularity in Japan. As residents often find themselves at home these days, they seek stylish room wear that is both comfy but not overly cute or gimmicky. To satisfy this demand, the brand has recently collaborated with various companies to develop goods and experiences that are both novel and stylish. For instance, we've covered the gelato pique dreaming strawberry hotel stay crossover with Hotel New Otani and an Animal Crossing collab.

From June 2021, gelato pique introduced its first zoo-inspired project. With both children and adults in mind, it offers animal motif goods with the help of the Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido. The lineup encompasses all sizes of room wear for babies, kids, women, and men. Indeed, something the whole family can enjoy.

Each product is made with recycled cotton—reused cotton generated from the spinning stage of production. The goods also incorporate environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo fiber made from naturally growing bamboo.

Room wear and plush toys

In short, the lineup is both comfortable and stylish, in a lazy Sunday day type of way. See for yourself:

Animal motif roomwear made from recycled cotton. The delicate illustrations of animals from Asahiyama Zoo are a nice touch.

Of course, if the whole family is going to be lounging together, you need something special for the kids:

As you can see, several types of plush toys such as wolves, snow leopards, harbor seals, and more are now available for purchase. Although it's hard to get out during the pandemic, more imaginative family members can still feel like they on a trip to the zoo.

Animal masks and eco-cups

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic in Japan, masks remain a daily necessity for the foreseeable future. Animal-themed masks can perhaps help ease the burden of wearing a mask when going out—at least for animal lovers. So, naturally, the items feature animals popular at the Asahiyama Zoo. Two sizes, for children and adults, are available.

The product line also features "eco-cups," made from bamboo fiber, made with a minimal environmental impact. As you can see, these cups feature wolves and snow leopard patterns. Moreover, a harbor seal pattern is available for purchase only from the Asahiyama Zoo and gelato pique Sapporo Daimaru store.

Finally, there are a variety of seasonal products such as leisure sheets and rain ponchos. These are on sale online and at gelato pique stores nationwide. It should be mentioned, however, that quantities are limited for some of the items in the lineup.

Consumers’ opinions

A number of fans of the brand reacted to the lineup on Twitter:

“Please rain sometime soon! I want to use this rain poncho! This is the first gelato pique product I’ve owned! I fell in love at first sight with their rain poncho collaboration with Asahiyama Zoo! Please see for yourself. It’s too cute, don’t you think?"

"I bought a snow leopard T-shirt from the Asahiyama Zoo collaboration because there was a gelato pique store near the place I worked today! (I was so happy so I took a picture of it as soon as I got to the parking lot. Maybe it seems dark)"

"The gelato pique’s collaboration with Asahiyama Zoo and the products of COOL FAIR are just amazing. If they are this cute, I just have to buy them. It is an irresistible design for polar bear lovers and animal lovers alike. The texture of the fabric is also great. I will wear my gelato pique pajamas in the summer as well."

A part of the sales of this collection will be donated to the "Asahiyama Motto Yume Fund.” Please see the gelato pique online store for more information and to make your purchase.

By - Luke Mahoney.