When it comes to awesome goods inspired by Studio Ghibli, fans in Japan are spoilt for choice thanks to Donguri Kyowakoku, a merchandise paradise which can be found all over the country and online. Their range of creative products feature all the animation studio’s beloved characters on a range on items to suit any taste.

Their summer products are particularly colourful and cute, as previously we’ve been treated to a nautical-themed Kiki’s Delivery Service collection, and a citrus-inspired Totoro lineup. This summer, Totoro is back again in a striking, produce-themed collection called the ‘My Neighbour Totoro Greengrocers Series’.

These super cute releases combine Totoro and friends with vegetable designs. There’s a figure collection with mini-Totoros combined with various fruits and vegetables. There’s six possible figures to be found in the randomised boxes, including one ‘secret’ design which hasn’t been revealed yet.

There’s also an adorable reversible pouch, perfect for carrying your change on the trip to the greengrocers.

And an eco shopping bag which folds up cutely into an ear of corn.

Fans can also grab a glasses case featuring the summery design.

Other accessories include a watermelon-Totoro hybrid keychain.

These colourful and seasonally-apt designs can currently be found in Donguri Kyowakoku stores or through their online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.