Japanese chocolate brand Tirol are masters of eccentric chocolate creations. Although their chocolates might be small, they make up for it in the amount of creativity that goes into the new flavours.

For example, they previously collaborated with Itohkyuemon, a historic green tea shop, to create a ‘matcha parfait chocolate’, which has all the goodness of the elaborate dessert in one tiny, bite-sized square. They continued this streak of parfait tributes with last month’s peach parfait chocolate.

But now for something completely different, their exciting summertime release is ‘eel chocolate’. Eel, which is known as ‘unagi’ in Japanese, is a popular dish during the summer season, and Tirol have tried to harness its deliciousness for one of their own chocolate creations.

The interesting combo is made up of eel extract powder in the middle, along with feuilletine and brown sugar. The whole thing is encased in a pie-flavour chocolate outer layer, creating a kind of sweet eel pie… thing.

The packaging design features an eel surrounded by fireworks, another marker of summer in Japan.

The chocolates, which went on sale on 28th June, come in a pouch costing 162 yen and consisting of seven of the bite-size treats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.