Japanese Twitter user Ramumi8 (@ramumi8) takes photography all around Japan's southern Kyushu region.

She shared a photo which is very seasonally appropriate for June, on Twitter she captured at Dazaifu Tenman-gu (a Shinto shrine) in Kyushu.

Japan's Hydrangea flower season peaks between May to July. It is commonly known that Hydrangea change their color depending on the acidity or type of the soil. However, apparently there are more than just blue and pink Hydrangea out there.

This photo could even be considered lucky charm for this summer, take a look at this stunningly vibrant photo!

Source: @ramumi8

The Hydrangea flowers are filling the water surface, and they almost look like rainbow popcorn.

This is such a unique and different way to indulge in the beauty of these flowers.

There were many people also very impressed and praising the photos in the comments.

“This is unbelievably stunning sight.”

“Too beautiful.”

“This even brightens up the mood, too.”

This could be a great DIY idea at home if you place water in a small bowl, and float Hydrangea flowers in it!

By - Mugi.