Randoseru are traditional Japanese elementary school backpacks, but in recent years have become quite fashionable and even been given popular anime makeovers including Demon Slayer.

Now Japanese maker NuLand is releasing a newly designed large sized Randoseru backpack with more features to accommodate needs for older kids for longer usage, as well as to make it more eco-friendly by using sustainable materials.

NuLand's new Randoseru series sports six standout features.

Detachable flap cover

The biggest difference that sets NuLand’s new Randoseru apart from the others is that the flap cover, which is a signature feature of Randoseru, is detachable with a zipper. You can easily adjust the style to your needs and fashion.

Say no to a tilted lunch box.

In the bottom, there is a belt to secure your lunch box (as children often pack their bento), as well as detachable bottom plate.

U-shaped mesh on the backside.

This U-shaped mesh cushioning feature on the back makes it breathable and allows heat to escape.

Design details are tailored to also accommodate adults

The zippers, side-clips and small details are a more mature design, making it appealing for older kids to use.

Compared to their previous Medium size version, the height and width is bigger by about an inch, and the depth is about half an inch smaller. The shoulder pads are shifted to the side so that there more space around the shoulders. See the comparison between an elementary school student and adult:

Pre-order available as of June 29th, 2021.

Available in 2 colors. (Red & Black)

L size: 36,300 yen.

Official website.

By - Mugi.