Napoli no Kama ナポリの窯 (lit. "Napolitan oven"), a Japanese pizza chain operated by Strawberry Cones, Inc. has launched a new advertisement campaign featuring a series of videos intended to convey the delicious taste of their pizza pies.

Napolino Kama, the natural, unpretentious man

The ads all feature a barechested, presumably Italian man named ナポリーノ・カーマ Napolīno Kāma (an obvious reference to the name of their pizza chain Napoli no Kama), who is described as 飾らない男 kazaranai otoko, a man who does not put on airs, is genuine, in other words, "natural" and unpretentious. And what better way to convey a man who is always "natural" than showing him barechested while enjoying a gooey slice of pizza while looking into the camera.

Kazaranai Otoko Napolino Kama: Teaser version

The narrator says: "His name is Napolino Cama. He never puts on airs. Because the synonym of putting on airs is being fake." Then he concludes with the ad's slogan: "Especially in this day and age, it's not about putting on airs."

Whether it's photo app filters and AI algorithms that edit and sometimes overly decorate (daresay distort) reality, to overly complicated and difficult-to-understand job titles which cause headaches when exchanging business cards, the ad series also wants to imply that their genuine, authentic pizza can also inspire viewers to get rid of the complications and intricacies weighing them down, thereby becoming more "natural" in their own lives. Indeed, the text describing the videos below repeats the abovementioned slogan appearing in the teaser, but with one important addition, the subject "I": "Especially in this day and age, I don't put on airs."

Kazaranai Otoko Napolino Kama: App version

Kazaranai Otoko Napolino Kama: Exchanging business cards version

The video series is directed by 佐藤渉 Wataru Sato of TYO Inc., whose unique brand of humor has been featured in commercials for the national lottery Jumbo Takarakuji, BASE online shopping platform, Nissin's Rao and Curry Meshi, McDonald's Japan, Kaga City, Book Off, and many others. You can see some of his work here.

If these videos have inspired you to order a pizza and you live in Japan, visit Napoli no Kama's website to order.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.