As many will agree, our feline friends often seem to choose us more than we choose them, although cat lovers very rarely seem to find a problem with that particular sudden contract.

Case in point--the reaction to a pair of photos Japanese Twitter user Hiyori (@hiyoribozu) recently shared. Hiyori shared the photos drawing the envy of feline fans of a peculiar but adorable situation he found when he went to check the plants on his balcony with the caption "When I went to check my balcony's plants, a cat I definitely appeared to have grown..."

Source: @hiyoribozu

Source: @hiyoribozu

As it turns out, a neighborhood visitor had settled down into one of Hiyori's potted plants for a cat nap. In the now hot and humid summer of Japan, the cat was likely attracted to the cool and soft sleeping space the soil provided. Fortunately this appears to be a first floor balcony, so no dangerous acrobatics were involved in the growing of this kitty.

Many replied to the now viral Tweet with pangs of jealousy and sharing photos of their own cats doing the same, and of course, the sentiment that the furry intruder is a plant they'd love to shower with daily attention.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.