Japan is the land where the melon pan reigns supreme. It’s a staple in bakeries and supermarkets, and in fact, Japan’s love for melon pan is so intense that they even transformed the sweet roll into a wearable face mask.

If, like Japan, you’re also a melon pan lover, you might’ve had the thought that it would go perfectly with some cream filling — after all, its shape is already suited for that. If so, you might be happy to know that a bread manufacturing company in Japan is already one step ahead of you, and is taking that idea even further with the introduction of their Frozen Melon Pan.

Pasco’s Frozen Melon Pan is marketed as a cream-filled melon pan that you can eat either while it’s fresh from the freezer or after defrosting. If eaten while frozen, you can enjoy the “new texture” of their melon pan’s buttery cookie dough and whipped cream filling.

For those curious to try the Frozen Melon Pan, they will be made available in supermarkets across Japan from September 1, 2021.

By - Jen Laforteza.