“Superman” is no longer the best answer to the question: “What’s that up there? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s.....”. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Japanese airline Skymark and The Pokémon Company, it’s “Pikachu”.

As of June 21st, 2021, a brand new jet covered from nose to tail with Pikachu designs is flying routes between Okinawa’s Naha airport and various main airports in Japan.

The jet’s design is adorable and features images of Pikachu being supported by balloons. Eagle-eyed Pokefan’s on the ground may even be able to make out the kawaii craft on its ascent and descent.

In addition to the body work, Pikachu will feature prominently in the plane's interior on headrest covers, drink cups, and snack packaging, and even aprons worn by flight attendants. Even the inflight announcements are Pokémon themed.

Kids who ride the Pika-jet will receive Pikachu coloring books to keep them entertained in flight, as well as a foam Pikachu jet keychain.

An additional inflight shopping service gives Pikachu jet patrons the chance to buy additional merchandise like limited-edition commemorative Pikachu Jet gold coins.

Pokémon fans can book a flight on the special jet from the official Pikachu Jet website.

The Pikachu Jet & the “Sora Tobu Pikachu Project”

The Pikachu Jet is launching as part of the Sora Tobu Pikachu Project, or “Soaring Pikachu Project”. The project aims to use the Pikachu Jet to lift the spirits of travelers around the world who have been grounded by COVID-19 travel restrictions for over a year.

According to Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara, the Pokemon Jet will “inspire people to experience the joy of traveling again”. No doubt the sense of empowerment and adventure that the Pokémon games and animations created in fans will be roused again by the Pikachu-themed aircraft.

While the jet will initially fly routes to and from Okinawa, it will be part of international projects in the future.

By - Toby M.