Krispy Kreme Japan’s exciting creations are the envy of doughnut lovers across the globe. Not only do they have super cute animal doughnuts (like the summer seals they just released) but they also have seasonal doughnuts that celebrate the Japanese flavours often found in traditional desserts.

Krispy Kreme's next summer release combines Japanese tastes with some classic European desserts. They've come up with two tasty doughnut offerings, plus one beverage. This lineup is called ‘Japan Sweets Story’, and it will be a limited time only menu addition.

The first doughnut goes heavy on matcha, one of the most popular Japanese ingredients going. There's Uji green tea powder kneaded into the dough, and the dessert inspiration behind it is France's Mont Blanc. A swirly matcha cream topping, with sugared red beans sourced from Hokkaido, adds a finishing touch to the 'Muchimochi Uji Matcha Mont Blanc' doughnut.

The other option is a 'Yuzu Panna Cotta' doughnut. Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit native to East Asia, and it’s an ingredient often used in refreshing Japanese desserts. The European dessert inspiration behind this offering is the Italian panna cotta, and the ring doughnut contains a velvety, panna cotta-style cream filling. The doughnut’s glaze is made with domestically-grown yuzu, and there’s also grated peel sprinkled on top.

The last addition is a beverage rather than a doughnut. The 'Azuki Uji Matcha' Latte looks like a piece of art with the white milk and green matcha forming a cloud-effect. These two liquids are poured over a sauce made from Hokkaido Azuki beans, and all the flavours create a perfect harmony.

The doughnuts will be appearing in branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan from 14th July until 31st August, and the latte will hanging around a bit longer until mid-September.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.