While there are definitely some Japanese beauty masks that stand out due to their interesting aesthetics, many are praised for their use of quality ingredients such as Tsubaki oil, also known as Camellia oil or tea seed oil, to help provide excellent skincare.

Lululun beauty masks are among Japan's most popular, and their recent "Traveling Lululun" series, which focuses on using local ingredients for a special regional touch, is now getting a Tokyo twist with the release of Tokyo Lululun (Trendy Camellia Mask).

The mask contains camellia oil from camellia seeds grown in Toshima, Tokyo, which were designated with Tokyo Eco 100 certification from the Tokyo Eco Farm Certification System, as well as domestic saffron flower extract and succinic acid.

The masks were designed as part of an SDG-conscious initiative, with both the masks and packaging being made from local recycled eucalyptus. The new Tokyo Lululun Trendy Camellia Masks aim to bestow users with the charm and beauty of an "Edokko" (child of Edo) using natural ingredients nourishing to both the skin and earth.

The masks will be made will be available at souvenir shops, airports, and variety stores in the Tokyo area from July 15th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.