Niwaka Senpei have been around since 1906, making traditional Japanese snacks called ‘senpei’, and their creations have become a famous souvenir of Fukuoka. The company have played around with different designs before, but now for the first time in their 115 year history, they’re experimenting with a new shape for their biscuits. This new offering just so happens to be an awesome collaboration with Dragon Quest Walk.

The Dragon Quest series has many fantastical creatures that appear throughout the game, but the main mascot is surely the Slime. This little blue guy, shaped like a drop of slime, has become synonymous with Dragon Quest itself.

As the original shape of the biscuit looks like an eye mask, the Slime version similarly just shows the top half of the face with a focus on the creature’s round eyes and pointy top.

They even made a fun video showing the traditional method of making the senpei, including how the staff stamp the eyes in manually.

The packaging perfectly encapsulates the collaboration between the game and the traditional senpei shop combining both game visuals and a retro Japanese packaging vibe.

It also has a reference to Niwaka Senpei’s classic biscuit. A box of these little guys will set you back 756 yen.

This adventurous senpei shape will only be around for a limited time only, so catch them while you can until 30th September via the online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.