Itohkyuemon is a Japanese tea specialist store founded in 1832 and based in Uji, an area of Kyoto famous for high quality tea. With a few branches of tea houses around Kyoto, Itohkyuemon have utilised their matcha expertise to dream up some amazing dessert creations, like majestic matcha parfaits and even some convenience store collaborations.

But in summer, the go-to dessert in Japan is kakigori (shaved ice). Itohkyuemon’s take on this classic summer treat has resulted in five sizeable mountains of ice with elaborate matcha toppings, perfect for any green tea enthusiast.

The first option is an ‘Uji Matcha Sudachi’ shaved ice. Sudachi is a type of Japanese citrus fruit and this dessert is half sudachi flavour and half matcha flavour. The refreshing treat will only be available in Itohkyuemon’s Uji Honten store.

The Uji Matcha Daifuku kakigori is making a reappearance but this time with an improved recipe, including a matcha and red bean paste sauce.

The ‘Mukashi Natsukashi Uji Kinton’ is based on the traditional shaved ice topping of matcha and red beans which is called matcha kintoki. 'Natsukashi' means nostalgic, a term that surely applies to this classic combination, which can only be found at the Uji Honten main store.

The ‘Fuwa Fuwa Uji Kinton’ makes for an extra fluffy version of this well-loved dessert which is being sold at the JR Uji station and Gion Shijo branches of Itohkyuemon.

The elegant 'Uji Matcha Parfait' shaved ice has toppings piled on high, just like a parfait, and can be found in the JR Uji station and Gion Shijo branches.

All of these treats will be around until around the end of August, except the ‘Natsukashi Kinton’ and the ‘Fuwa Fuwa Kinton’ which will be on sale until the end of September at their respective branches.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.