Komugi no Dorei 小麦の奴隷, a bakery brand focused on local revitalization and entertainment, is the brainchild of famous Japanese entrepreneur Takafumi Horie. Their Zakuzaku Curry Bread won the Gold Prize at the Curry Bread Grand Prix in 2020. Since then, the brand has attracted a lot of attention and has been expanding its locations nationwide.

Now they've announced something sure to please fans of that beloved Japanese bakery creation, the melon pan.

Measuring a mind-blowing 32 centimeters in diameter and weighing in at a whopping 1 kilogram, their "More expensive than a melon!? Jumbo Melon Pan"—almost as much of a mouthful as the product it names—will be on sale for three days from July 7th to 10th at the Nagoya Chikusa store and then at stores nationwide from August.

According to their press release, it takes two days to make this bakery store behemoth, so "a lot of time and effort goes into making it." Beneath the sweet cookie surface, you'll find a deliciously fluffy melon pan heart.

The product's title, 「メロンより高い!?ジャンボメロンパン」"More expensive than a melon!? Jumbo Melon Pan" comes from the fact that premium Japanese melons can be very expensive, sometimes costing several thousand yen, if not more. In fact, this one-of-a-kind melon pan will set you back a cool 5,000 JPY. For reference, a typical melon pan costs around 200 JPY, measures anywhere between 10 to 14 centimeters in diameter and weighs between 75 to 100 grams. In other words, if it's just quantity you're looking for, you'll clearly save money by buying 10 to 13 melon pans, but the novelty of having a humongous melon pan in the center of your table at a party, along with the effort that went into making this unique creation, makes up for the difference. If you're a melon pan maniac, it could even be worth your while.

According to bread creator Sosōmaru (pictured above), the "More expensive than a melon!? Jumbo Melon Pan" can be enjoyed by itself, but it also goes very well with whipped cream or jam. You can see more tasty recipes on his blog. On behalf of the company, he hopes that his latest creation will be a hit. Komugi no Dorei plans to continue making exciting baked products that will rival and even surpass their famous "Zakuzaku Curry Bread."

Product details

  • Size: approx. 1 kg, 32cm in diameter
  • Price: 5,000 yen (tax included)
  • Pre-order sales: July 7th to 9th (Limited to 2 per day, reservations accepted via SNS)
  • Official pre-order start date: Thursday, July 15 (to be received one week later)
  • Place of sale: Komigu no Dorei Nagoya Chikusa Store (Sales are scheduled to begin at all stores from August)
  • Sales method: Reservations required one week in advance.
  • You can place orders through their convenient 「小麦の奴隷アプリチューモン」(Komugi no Dorei ordering app).

    By - Ben K.