From July 20th, 20201, the Nasu Highland Rindo Lake Family Ranch (operated by Nasu Kogyo Co., Ltd.) in Tochigi Prefecture will start a new chapter in their "The Small life One can Save" campaign to spare rescued dogs from euthanasia.

For the past 4 years, Towa Nasu Resort, Inc. has been welcoming dogs from shelters in Tochigi, Gunma, Ibaraki and Fukushima Prefectures at their "SOS Plaza" in Nasu Highland Park and helping them find new foster parents. Over 60 dogs have found new homes so far.

These efforts not only align with the company's goals of contributing to the "zero euthanized pets" movement and "realizing a society where people and animals co-exist harmoniously" but they also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal No. 3, "Good Health and Wellbeing." When a dog is saved from euthanasia and finds a new home, this represents new opportunities for healthy and loving relationships which can improve the quality of life for both humans and dogs.

According to the Ministry of the Environment's statistics from 2020, approximately 33,000 pets are sadly euthanized in Japan every year. Eager to do something about this situation, Towa Nasu Resort, Inc. has been trying to save as many dogs as possible through their "SOS" activities funded by a portion of revenues from their park facilities.

Now, by opening a new area for this purpose at Lake Rindo Family Ranch, the company hopes they'll help rescued dogs find loving families just like the ones who visit Nasu Highland Park with their human caretakers every day.

You can visit the SOS Plaza's website and see photos of the adorable furbabies now waiting to find new homes, as well as the happy families who have already welcomed rescued dogs.

Information on becoming a foster parent as well as how to donate funds and supplies is also listed (in Japanese).

By - Ben K.