With the pandemic limiting admissions to once lively attractions such as haunted houses and amusement parks, a lot of businesses in Japan’s entertainment and tourism industries have been experiencing massive losses in their number of visitors.

However, one company that provides horror attractions in Tokyo is hoping to curb these losses by encouraging fully-vaccinated visitors to experience the thrill of haunted houses once again. From now until November 30, 2021, Zaunted Corporation is offering free admission to their Zaunted Mansion attraction located in Koenji, Tokyo for those who can show proof that they’ve been fully vaccinated.

Zaunted Mansion has a horror hospital theme and a permanent café bar that offers food and drinks. In connection to their free admission campaign, they're serving up an original cocktail called the Z-Vaccine as their own version of a “third vaccination”.

Zaunted Corporation is currently following the guidelines set by the Japanese government for the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus, and may discontinue their services in consideration of public safety. To find more information about possible closures or discontinuation of their attractions, you can check their official Twitter page, @ZauntedMansion.

By - Jen Laforteza.