Everyone’s laughing at this picture taken at USJ!

Universal Studios Japan, hereinafter referred to as USJ, is a theme park in Osaka.

The park is known for its many photo-worthy spots, including the newly-opened Super Nintendo World and its Mario Kart ride, featured in the Grape article linked below.

Many of the park’s visitors take pictures with their friends and loved ones while striking a pose.

Among them is Atachan (@atrm00ky), who took a photo of her husband (@nigeroid25) at a popular spot in USJ.

Husband acts calm in a moment of crisis

Reproduced with permission from あたちゃん (@atrm00ky)

"Speaking of USJ pictures, I don’t think there’s anything better than a shot of my husband calling the insurance company after an accident there."

Atachan imagines her husband’s phone call, "Um, I just ran into a tree at USJ…"

Her husband posed with a shocked expression on his face. Behind him is the aftermath of his collision with a tree.

It certainly does look real, but luckily this is USJ, a surreal wonderland where reality and make-believe often collide.

Many viewers shared their reactions to the image:

  • It’s too funny! I spit out my tea!
  • What great sense! This is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.
  • My family and I had a laugh over this! I want to try this out next time.

The photo has received over 150K likes, and it seems the way Atachan and her husband enjoyed USJ, although a bit different from other visitors, brought a smile to many people’s faces.

By - Mujo.