Japan is kind of like a spiritual home for Moomin fans, as a country that has fully embraced the cuteness of the round, Finnish trolls. Not only do they have Moomin Cafes that sit you with a giant plushie, and Moomin drink stands with character-inspired bubble tea, but there’s even a whole Moominvalley theme park located just outside of Tokyo.

It’s safe to say that these various Moomin hotspots will be taking this year’s Moomin Day very seriously. It’s celebrated on 9th August, which is the author of the books, Tove Jansson's birthday. This year’s festivities started on 9th July, giving Moomin super fans a whole month to experience everything.

One seasonally appropriate offering to look out for is the shaved ice desserts coming to the Moomin Cafe. Each one is inspired by a different character and is decorated adorably and colourfully, linking an aspect of nature with each character.

There’s the ‘Flower-colour Kakigori parfait’ inspired by Little My.

The ‘Sea-colour Kakigori Parfait’ featuring the Moomins themselves.

Snufkin’s tribute is the ‘Forest-colour Kakigori Parfait’.

And fans of the Hattifatteners can go for the ‘Lightning-colour Kakigori Parfait’.

There will also be plenty of merchandise available commemorating this year's Moomin Day at the Moomin Cafe and Moomin Shop.

There's three branches of Moomin Cafe in Japan, with two in Tokyo and one in Fukuoka. Check out the official website to book a table online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.