Characters and mascots produced by Sanrio are notably famous in Japan and throughout the world. Indeed, iconic personalities are all part of the company’s purview. Prominent examples include Hello Kitty, Kikirara, My Melody, and several more. As many are aware, My Melody's friend My Sweet Piano is also popular among the youth, especially Japanese girls. Fortunately for fans, she recently experienced her birthday on July 6th and is collaborating with a widely known accessory brand to celebrate.

Collaboration items

Maison de FLEUR is an accessory brand widely known for its sizable lineup of fashionable handbags. In order to celebrate the occasion, they have helped release a series of collectible handbags and items featuring none other than My Sweet Piano.

My Sweet Piano Tote Bag. Price: ¥ 5,049. Color: Pink

My Sweet Piano Flat Pouch. Price: ¥ 3,949. Color: Pink

My Sweet Piano Drawstring Bag. Price: ¥ 3,949. Color: Pink

The bag, pouch, and drawstring bags are made of trendy dull pink satin fabric, and the same color lace is used as an accent. The series also features a plush doll:

My Sweet Piano Plush. Price: ¥ 6,589. Color: Pink

Each item features a unique lining with a My Sweet Piano with flowers and ribbons.


The limited-edition products are available for order from July 6th to July 18th. You can find more information here. Delivery is scheduled for late September.

My Sweet Piano’s fans react

Several fans took to Twitter to express their excitement over the icon's birthday:

"It was Piano-chan's birthday! Congratulations! These special items are cute."

"Happy birthday piano! I'm really happy that my birthday is the same day as you. I love you, Piano."

As you can see, many were excited about the famous character's birthday.

"Happy birthday to Piano-chan! I've been practicing making cookies for her birthday. I think it's good for me because I have no drawing ability. My drawings look cute when displayed on a birthday cake though. I want to eat an ice cream cake for Piano's birthday next year!"

Others have fond memories:

"Happy birthday Piano! You are so kind and sweet. I love you! Once when you greeted me next to the escalator, you looked at me and shook your body. It was so cute."

"Today is Piano-chan's birthday. Thank you for everything. She's cute!"

"It's also My Lovely Piano's birthday today! The Japanese idol Na-chan, who I love, reminds me of this character. I drew a picture for her birthday a long time ago (6 years ago?) Lol. I want to draw a collaboration illustration with Na-chan and My Sweet Piano someday."

"Wow!!! It's Piano-chan's birthday today! What a nice day!"

Indeed, many fans celebrated My Sweet Piano's birthday on Twitter. Most likely, they are thrilled to see the collaboration project.

By - Luke Mahoney.