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MUJI Reimagines Traditional Living Spaces

The Japanese retail company MUJI is known for their minimalist aesthetic style.

But did you know that they also have a real estate division?

And now, MUJI’s living space business division will introduce their performance-enhancing renovation "MUJI INFILL 0" to existing properties, and will release revitalized apartment complexes and condominium units as finished products.

The "MUJI INFILL 0" program is available only for used properties that are earthquake-resistant. In addition, all units have been thermally calculated to ensure a thermal environment, and are spacious, light, and airy single-room spaces.


MUJI INFILL 0 reimagines living by oneself.

The idea is to create a "0 (starting point)" for living, leaving only what is truly necessary, and then freely adding parts, items, and materials to the "+ (plus)" of the home. This is the "zero point" of home construction. We believe that it should be a canvas on which we can freely draw the future. At first glance, the space looks empty, but we paid attention to the materials used as a canvas. We will help you create a vessel that allows you to see the future and what you can add to it.

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Why a single room space?

One-room spaces allow you to change the floor plan if you have furniture and fittings that can be moved. The space can be adapted as the family structure changes. By reducing the number of walls and allowing light and wind to pass through, you can realize a life with a sense of nature even in an apartment.

Easily adaptable as your life changes.

With furniture and fixtures that can be moved, you can easily change your floor plan without holding back even if your life changes in 10 years. This can be done when a child's room is needed or no longer needed.

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Available Properties

MUJI launched their "MUJI Renovation" website on July 6, 2021 and started accepting previews for "Kōnandai Mejiro" and "Kurumagaeshi Danchi".

港南台めじろ "Kōnandai Mejiro"

Access: 16-minute walk from Kōnandai Station on the JR Negishi Line and Keihin Tōhoku Line

Location: 6 Kōnandai, Kōnan-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Floor space: 51.18m2

Year built / renovation completed: 1974 / July 2021

車返団地 "Kurumagaeshi Danchi"

Access: 9-minute walk from Tobitakyū Station on the Keio Line

Location: 2-chome, Oshidatecho, Fuchū-shi, Tokyo

Floor space: 48.99m2

Year built/renovation completed: 1975/to be completed in August 2021

Other Details

There will be a presentation via Zoom webinar on Friday, July 16 to discuss MUJI INFILL 0 in more detail and introduce the two properties.

Date: Friday, July 16, 2021 15:00-16:00

Application Deadline: Thursday, July 15 17:00

You can apply from the application form here

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