Tokyo has just doubled down on coronavirus measures with its 4th state of emergency. The people are housebound and hungry. Domino’s Japan is here for them, and with no more than four times the flavor.

Since June, Domino’s has been selling the Quattro Nippon pizza. This molten masterpiece combines 4 unique Japanese flavors into a single pie:

  • Mentai mayo mocha pizza: Mentaiko-mayo sauce, rice cake slices, corn, asparagus, Korean seaweed.
  • Hokkaido three cheese pizza: Hokkaido cheddar, Hokkaido gouda, Hokkaido Camembert cheese, asparagus, white sauce.
  • Charcoal grilled teri-chiki: teriyaki chicken, teriyaki sauce, spinach, mayonnaise, corn, tomato sauce.
  • Charcoal grilled beef: charcoal-grilled beef, spinach, mushrooms .

As you can see from the toppings, this pizza is 4 course meal in itself. Hokkaido dairy, yakitori, Japanese beef, and mentaiko, or spicy cod-roe, are all part of the journey through quintessential Japanese flavors.

The Quattro range has been designed for Japanese customers who Domino’s say typically only eat 2 -3 slices of pizza in a sitting and like to be able to enjoy different toppings. For visitors and residents of Japan also, the Quattro Nippon offers a chance to experience 4 different and delicious parts of Japanese cuisine through the powerful medium of pizza.

Product Details

  • Product Name: Quattro Nippon Pizza
  • Takeout price: M size 1,300 yen, R size 1,599 yen, L size 1,900 yen
  • Delivery price: M size 2,600 yen, R size 3,199 yen, L size 3,800 yen
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The Quattro Nippon went on sale in May and 330,000 plus customers have already enjoyed it. To celebrate the pizza’s success, Domino’s recently released a new promotional video on YouTube showing Japanese comedy team SUWEHIROGARIS (すゑひろがりず) making and then devouring the pizza. Check it out below to warm up your appetite for the Quattro Nippon!


By - Toby M.