Kawaii Company is a new collaboration project between Felissimo, a direct marketing company known for fashion and miscellaneous products, and Sebastian Masuda, who has been dubbed the “Father of Kawaii” of Japan.

Aside from producing traditionally stylish items, Felissimo have proven themselves capable of creating quirky and cute items as well. In fact, they even have a dedicated section for their cat-themed products. On the other hand, artist Sebastian Masuda is responsible for a lot of the icons in Japan’s kawaii culture. He founded 6%DOKIDOKI, a clothing store that’s become synonymous with Harajuku kawaii fashion, and also served as the art director for the now-defunct Kawaii Monster Café.

With both of these kawaii, or “cute” experts at the helm, Kawaii Company aims to make “everyone happy with kawaii”, and they’re kicking things off with the colorful Kawaii Sōmen.

Sōmen is a thin, wheat flour noodle that is popularly served cold in Japan, with a side of flavored dipping sauce. Kawaii Sōmen was produced in Nara prefecture, which is considered to be the birthplace in Japan for this type of noodles.

It comes in five flavors and fragrances: purple sweet potato, plum, kabosu citrus fruit, shiso herb, and plain sōmen dyed blue. Together, they form a cute rainbow aesthetic. The box that the sōmen comes in also features beautiful visual work designed by Sebastian Masuda’s atelier.

You can order a monthly box set of Kawaii Sōmen from Kawaii Company’s Japanese website (on Felissimo) for 2,420 yen (after taxes). It is currently only available within Japan.

By - Jen Laforteza.