BT21, the gang of rag-tag characters created by messaging app LINE and K-pop group BTS, are returning to Japan in food form for one of their super popular pop-up cafes. Each time they return there’s new theme to enjoy which will be reflected in the venue's menu and interior.

The summer 2021 iteration is called ‘My Little Buddy’ and features the 'BT21 Baby' version of the characters.

The menu includes main meals, desserts, and drinks too, all made into adorable versions of the BT21 characters. Diners will be gifted with a cute BT21 fan and if you order a drink you can also get your hands on an original coaster.

Each main meal is a rice dish, and they all cost 1870 yen. The characters appear as coloured rice sculptures, like how Koya the koala features as Thai-style gapao rice.

Fluffy RJ is swimming in an omelette stew.

Shooky comes with a loco moco-inspired dish.

This coconut green curry comes with dancing horse Mang in the middle.

The chicken rice is inspired by Chimmy.

Tata’s brightly coloured face features in a bibimbap.

Or fans can choose Cooky for a tasty sushi bowl.

In terms of desserts, there’s some cute parfaits with several flavours to choose from (1540 yen).

In line with the ‘Little Buddy’ theme, there’s mini parfaits too (550 yen).

There’s super cute beverages on offer like the very Instagrammable milk drinks (990 yen).

There’s refreshing fruit teas on the menu as well (990 yen).

Or a cafe latte with adorable latte art if you’re after a hot drink (990 yen).

Naturally, there’s plenty of cute merchandise exclusive to the cafes that fans can get their hands on.

This cafe will be appearing in six different locations, with two in Tokyo, and one in Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, and Okinawa. The first few branches opened on 22nd July 2021. Check out the website to reserve a table and find more information about the locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.