It was just a couple of days ago, much to the delight of the internet, that a giant lifelike cat moved into the digital ad space towering about Shinjuku Station. Using curved LED screens, 4K image quality and 3-D imagery, the massive cat actually wakes up every morning and looks down on the thousands walking below, meowing occasionally before curling up into a giant adorable furball for th enight.

While we doubt the new Shinjuku landmark feline will be be losing attention anytime soon, it may have some actual competition from Twitter user and member of Japanese art unit Gendaibijutstu Nitouhei, Fujiwara (@f2touhey), who decided to recreate it at home--with their own adorable cat Oreo-kun!

Using mostly cardboard and printouts of ads and shops featured at the Cross Shinjuku building, Fujiwara recreated the digital ad space where the 3-D cat prowls above the world's busiest rail station--only this time the star of the show is Fujiwara's black rescue cat Oreo-kun. Having grown to a healthy 7.5 kg from being a wee rescue kitten, Oreo-kun seems to be a fitting replacement for the Shinjuku kitty.

For those interested in following Fujiwara, from July 14 to August 15, 2021, they will be part of a Gendaibijutstu Nitouhei exhibition titled "Kyoto Gorin", and also have a crowdfunding project for some pretty adorable cat snow globes.

By - Big Neko.