Some animals are known for their elegant and lithe movements. It’s fair to say that dogs, a type of pet which is usually seen bounding around excitedly, don’t fall into that category. However, some dogs are working hard to break out of that stereotype, like Kairi-kun, the Shiba inu.

He became popular online recently when he was caught on camera dancing just like a prima ballerina.

While his owner was giving his paws a quick clean under the faucet, Kairi-kun broke out into a pretty and elegant dance on his tippy toes.

This may have been a strategy to steady himself while he clung onto the faucet, or it may have been an attempt to show his ballet skills to the world. Either way, the dog’s owner uploaded this amusing moment to Twitter, where many people replied to the original post to say that his posture was outstanding. Others commented that the video made them burst out laughing, or that the dog’s reaction was adorable.

Watching talented dogs like Kairi-kun is one way to brighten up your day, so be sure to check out the owner’s Twitter which has plenty of videos and photo updates about what he’s up to.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.