Sink your teeth into Haagen-Dazs all new ‘Caramel Party’ ice cream bar for the ultimate immersion into a world of caramel.

Right from the get go, this limited edition ice cream is all about celebrating everything caramel. Trapped inside a crispy coating of caramel chocolate, smooth and creamy caramel ice cream encases bitter caramel sauce that oozes out with each and every bite.

Accented by crispy bits and pieces of salted caramel biscuit, the crunchy caramel coating of the ‘Caramel Party’ ice cream bar contrasts perfectly against the soft, smooth feeling of the sweet ice cream and bitter sauce inside.

A limited time product, Haagen-Dazs ‘Caramel Party’ will be available for the summer season only. If you love caramel as much as we do, then we recommend picking up a few and stocking up your freezer so you have some left over to enjoy during the fall.

With so much of the bar being made up by caramel, some may find Caramel Party a tad bit too overwhelming. That’s why Haagen Daz recommends pairing the ice cream bar with a glass of flavoured tea.
Those with a sweet tooth and love of candy apples should pair the ice cream bar with apple scented tea. Those who prefer more traditional Japanese flavours will enjoy washing each bite down with warm hojicha, and for those who are simply looking to recreate the magic of the very first bite, Haagen Daz recommends enjoying the Caramel Party ice cream bar with a side of freshly brewed black tea.

The flavour is a new addition to Haagen Dazs line up of ice cream bars, which includes the classic Vanilla Chocolate Macadamia bar and their Japan inspired Matcha Croquembouche bar.
In addition to the bars, Haagen Daz has a wide range of ice cream mini cups available in Japan that are perfect for keeping cool in the summer heat and humidity. The brand tries to keep things fresh with new flavours added each season, such as their Honey Sweet Potato mini cup from last fall, or their traditional Japanese dessert inspired flavours.
Keep an eye out on the convenience store shelves, to see what flavours Haagen Daz will bring out next.

Haagen-Dazs Bar Caramel Party

Price: 319 yen
Available from: Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores nationwide

Ingredients: caramel chocolate coating, cream, caramel sauce, fat-free condensed milk, sugar, caramel cookie bits, egg yolk, vegetable emulsifier, vanilla fragrance, pectin (may contain soybeans)
Volume: 80ml

By - Connie Sceaphierde.