Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog breed that has become beloved by many around the world. These dogs are considered internet heroes thanks to various examples of cuteness, playfulness and silliness that can be witnessed in videos and photos uploaded online.

With this in mind, a Japanese Shiba Inu owner seems to have stumbled upon an amazing discovery which will be of interest to any shibe fan. With just one word this pupper, called Hachi, becomes instantly joyful.

The effect can be seen in this YouTube video, uploaded by Hachi’s owners. Every time they say ‘waa’, you can see him rush forward excitedly.

The magic word even seems to work on Hachi’s little sister Ichigo. The owners try a few things out in the video, but nothing seems to get such an instantaneous and happy reaction.

So could this be a true life hack to make any Shiba Inu love you? Or maybe even any dog at all? If you’re a dog owner, give it a go and let us know the result on our social media pages!

And if you want to see more of Hachi and Ichigo, the owner’s YouTube channel is full of super cute videos that you can enjoy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.