In recent years, foam rolling stretching-equipment has been quite popular in Japan. You can use it for your stretching routine or even to work on the tight knots on your back or legs as a massage tool.

However, it looks like Japanese Twitter user FujiFujisama-(@Glicine_0101)’s kitten is fond of it for a different reason.

Here’s the video they recently posted to Twitter with the caption “they've been tirelessly shaking on it for a while now...”

For a moment, he gets perfect balance on the roller and stops shaking, but then loses balance shortly after and starts shaking again. It is almost as if he’s enjoying the fact he can’t balance well!

It is such a kitty-like silly and playful moment! Many who watched the video couldn't get over the cuteness of the kitten, and left so many comments; “I laughed out loud” “Too adorable”.

As he matures, maybe he'll have some major gains from this rigorous workout.

By - Mugi.