Summer is the season when all of the spicy things come out in Japan -- you have seasonal spicy chicken nuggets and spicy potato chips, to name just a few. One restaurant that’s taking spiciness to the extreme is Mita Seimenjo, a restaurant that specializes in tsukemen, which is a type of ramen dipped in a separate bowl of soup.

Every summer, customers can order the Shakunetsu Tsukemen, or ‘Scorching Heat Tsukemen’. But this year, they’re adding a new ‘limitless’ spice level to the mix. This seasonal tsukemen previously only had four spice levels -- with the highest being ‘Extremely Spicy’ -- but now they’re setting a new challenge for those who thought that their extreme just wasn’t enough.

For the new ‘limitless’ level, they’re using a special blend of powder that incorporates the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. This chili pepper once held the Guinness World Record for being the spiciest chili pepper on the planet.

Mita Senmenjo is warning people that since they’re serving so much powder to go with the soup, that only customers who are confident in their spice tolerance should give it a try. Those in Japan can do so for 900 yen at any of their branches, with the ‘limitless level’ costing an additional 100 yen.

Lastly, the restaurant is also making sure that those who can’t physically visit their stores aren’t left behind. They’re releasing a packaged version of Shakunetsu Tsukemen for those who want to try it at home, and it is now available for 410 yen in supermarkets across Japan.

By - Jen Laforteza.