The Japanese musician, HYDE, who is also the lead vocalist of the famous rock band, L’Arc-en-Ciel will be having a concert at the Heian Shrine this summer. The singer will celebrate his 20th anniversary since its solo start in 2001 with a special concert in Kyoto, featuring a unique collaboration with an orchestra.

The event will take place on July 31st and 1st of August, and it will be a live broadcast worldwide, also at the movie theaters in Japan.

Fans around the world will have the opportunity to listen to Hyde holding a live performance at the Heian Shrine, one of the most stunning locations in the historical city of Kyoto.

The members of HYDE’s Official Fan Club, HYDEIST, will also be delighted to know that there will be a Premium Ticket limited to the fan club members. The ticket includes a movie theater live broadcast and an archived live stream ticket.

The fans will have the opportunity to enjoy a performance of their favorite artist on a big screen with high-quality effects and sound but also re-watch it on their favorite devices.

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Movie theater live stream:

  • Dates: July 31, 2021 (Sat) and August 1, 2021 (Sun)
  • Times: It starts at 7 PM on both days (the opening hour is 6:30 PM)
  • Venue: Movie theaters all around Japan
  • You can find more information about the movie theater venues here.

Fees and tickets

1. HYDE Official Fan Club HYDEIST Limited Premium Ticket (members only*)
Price: 6,000 yen (tax included)
  * The Premium Ticket is a set of movie theater live streaming and archive live stream.

The period for the archived live stream is as follows:
・For the Saturday performance (July 31, 2021): August 1, 2021 (9 PM)- August 4, 2021 (8:59 PM).
・For the Sunday performance (August 1, 2021): August 2, 2021 (9 PM)- August 5, 2021 (8:59 PM).

2. Live streaming at the movie theater
Price: 4,500 yen (tax included)

When to apply/purchase the tickets:

For the movie theater tickets, you can reserve them on the websites below (*note that there will be a lottery system):

  • The general ticket release will be from July 21, 2021 (Wed) 6 PM to July 30, 2021 (Fri) noon on Ticket Pia (electronic ticket).
  • Please note that the application number is limited.
  • Please be aware that times might differ depending on the location.
  • In Osaka Prefecture, children under 16 can only enter the venue accompanied by a guardian.

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