It's common knowledge that rice is the staple food of Japan and much of the Asian world. Not only do most residents eat the grain every single day, they are known to stylize their rice dishes into cute designs. Japanese restaurants use rice buns to sandwich hamburger patties, and Domino's in the country even offers a cheesy pizza rice bowl.

Yeah, rice is delicious in almost any incarnation. Residents of Japan are quick to assure you of the various reasons why this is so—the Japanese climate is suitable for its production, for example. Others will say it's all about how the grain is prepared and washed.

Yet, many focus on the culinary role of the grain while overlooking other beneficial aspects. For instance, water used to rinse rice has many beautifying effects on the skin. Director of Dermatology Chiko Terasawa has written at length on the topic. The curious among you may find more information here.

Rice and beauty

According to the link above, rice can be used in several ways to help promote beauty:


When used as a facial wash, the concoction removes old collagen from a user’s skin by gently causing the skin to peel. This helps refresh pores and prevent age spots, a common concern among Asian women.

Helping the skin act as a barrier

Normally, the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, contains a lot of fatty acid lipids called ceramides. These lipids help the skin protect the body, but their amount decreases with age. When the amount of ceramide is reduced to a certain point, skin becomes dry and more sensitive to UV rays. Rice ceramides contained within this facial product help the skin protect the body while maintaining moisture.

Repairing mucous membranes

Rice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B1 is particularly important because it helps repair the skin and the epithelial membrane it contains. This, in turn, enhances the metabolism of the skin. Skin that is rich in Vitamin B1 has a higher turnover of skin cells helping skin stay beautiful.

Indeed, there are several cosmetic effects for rice and the water that is used to wash it. While skincare gets most of the attention, the same water can be used as a shampoo to help clean the hair as well as the scalp.

Rice skincare for the whole family

This July, Global Product Planning introduced their line of rice-based skincare products called mamagokoro for helping consumers realize the "rice effect" for themselves.

The products are gentle and easy to use. Consumers, from babies to adults, simply wash their skin per normal and enjoy the moisturizing benefits. The products can be safely used by individuals with sensitive skin and pregnant women. Since the product is safe and versatile, it can be recommended as an alternative soap for sensitive skin.

The lineup also includes a whole-body, plant-based foam shampoo that moisturizes as it cleanses. Since it is 98.7% derived from plants, it is useful at cleansing the skin and preventing rough skin.

Indeed, the beauty effects of rice are surprisingly diverse. It should be noted that, at home, water used to rinse rice should be further diluted before being used to clean skin. Also, it is advisable to test a small portion of your skin before, say, washing your entire body.

If you're interested, you can purchase the products from their online shop here.

By - Luke Mahoney.