Imagine. You’ve just landed at the airport. You’re overflowing with anticipation for the adventure that awaits you. You stride, practically run, through the airport, unable to contain your excitement for reaching your next destination. Is there even anything that could make this moment any better!?

And then the Slowpoke bus pulls up at the airport bus stop. And you lose. Your. Mind. This is now the best holiday ever!

Readers, you too can experience moments of Slowpoke fuelled elation just like this. Kagawa Prefecture, starting this July, has begun operating a Slowpoke bus between Takamatsu airport and the traditional and beautiful Marugame city.

The exterior of the bus is decorated with adorable Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking designs that are sure to get you revved up for your travels. The inside of the bus also features plenty of slowpoke, such as slowpoke seat covers and designs on the overhead storage spaces.

The bus runs on routes between Marugame city and Takamatsu airport. Slowpoke busses will run from July 2nd 2021 until August 31st, 2021, according to the timetable below (only available in Japanese). The bus runs at limited times throughout the day, and times in between will be covered by an ordinary airport limousine bus.

About Kagawa prefecture’s partnership with Slowpoke

Back in 2018, Kagawa prefecture officially announced Slowpoke as their prefectural Pokemon ambassador. This collaboration is made possible by the Pokemon Company who are associating Pokemon with different regions around Japan to help attract more visitors and revitalize local tourism in Japan.

Slowpoke was chosen for Kagawa because its Japanese name, Yadon, sounds like “Udon”, the type of noodle that is famous in Kagawa prefecture.

In addition to the Slowpoke Limousine bus, Kagwa prefecture will launch a “Slowpoke Paradise” event from August 10th 2021 until February 28th, 2022. During the Slowpoke Paradise period, Kagawa prefecture will hold several special events and activities themed around Slowpoke. You can learn more about these on the event webpage here (only available in Japanese).

For slowpokes who still haven’t made plans for the Obon summer vacation in Japan, you’re sure to have a poke-ball in Kagawa prefecture with Slowpoke as your chaperone.

By - Toby M.