Five powerful and unique Vtubers made their debut on July 22nd from Nijisanji, the popular Japanese Vtuber agency. They are the first Vtubers from Nijisanji JP in about a year.

Let’s check out these new faces!

Axia Krone

Axia Krone is a pilot for the “Thrones” mecha infantry. He is always broke because he uses money to help poor people. Apparently, he's "good at FPSs and MMORPGs"...

A pilot who is good at FPSs and MMORPGs?... Sounds like he would be very cool, and a man of few words.

His fans describe him as “very cute” and he didn’t disappoint on his debut stream: He asked his viewers, “Do you have any requests? Oh, maybe I should show you how I can wink with both eyes!” He showed off his many cute aspects.

He also said he is good at cooking, and he wants to do a cooking stream with the four other members someday.

To learn more about this cool and cute pilot, check out his YouTube channel!

Lauren Iroas

Lauren Iroas is a policeman in the security sector of a city called Eden. Actually, Axia and he have their own subunit because both of them are super good FPS players. He revealed that he is a Predator in APEX, an Immortal in Valorant, and in the Top 500 in Overwatch! He is very modest about his gaming skills, and he often says “I’m not that good at games.” However, you can see how good he is on his stream.

Just like Axia, he is not just a cool FPS gamer; he is also a super friendly guy!

For example, his way of greeting is very unique. He uses “Konnichiwassa!” as “Hi.” As you may know, the normal Japanese phrase for Hi or Hello is “Konnichiwa”. So, what is “Konnichiwassa”...?

Visit his YouTube channel and check out the footage from his debut stream to see more!

Leos Vincent

Leos Vincent is a mad scientist who does research on 'suspicious' drugs. He looks like a very quiet researcher, but actually, he is a very unique and energetic person. For example, until his debut stream, he just kept posting his original drawings of a mysterious creature called Mameneko without saying a word.

He played “Super Ghouls’n Ghosts” for about eight and a half hours because he was playing with very specific “Ironman” rules. You might think he is too eccentric, but he is also a very considerate person. For example, in his stream, he talked about how much he respects people who draw pictures, including fanart.

To see his extraordinary stream and the cute Mameneko, visit Leos’s laboratory on YouTube!

Oliver Evans

Oliver Evans is a young and handsome professor. He is very intelligent and he speaks English too. He sometimes uses English during his stream and on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, on his bio, he says “I don’t know how to use social media.” In fact, he posted several times by accident before his debut stream. His weird way of using Twitter caused the Japanese phrase "SNS音痴" (terrible with social media) to trend. Of course, his fans aren’t trying to be mean. They are just teasing him. His inability to use social media is a recurring theme in his fan art.

He is a gentle professor, but when he plays “Biohazard,” he becomes something else... To find out what it is, attend his lectures on YouTube!

Lain Paterson

Lain Paterson is a skilled bodyguard. She has a shark-shaped bag called Hohojiro-san on her stream. She loves sharks because she was rescued by sharks in the past. When she talks about sharks, she sounds especially happy.

Although she is a strong and cool bodyguard, her voice and personality are super cute! For example, she confessed that she really hates horror games. When her viewers asked her to try horror games, she said no again and again.

On the other hand, she likes mahjong and pachinko. She also showed off her puzzle game skills in her stream. To know more about this adorable bodyguard, check out her missions on her YouTube channel!


Special livestream with senpai Nijisanji Vtubers!

In addition to their individual livestreams, there is a special opportunity coming up where you can get to know the five new VTubers. On August 5th (JST), they will appear in an official special Nijisanji program! More details will be announced on Nijisanji's official Twitter account.


The Nijisanji official store has started selling their items to celebrate their debut. For details, visit their website.

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By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).