If you’ve been searching for the number one ultra-rich, ultra-creamy, melt-in-the-mouth cheesecake, then look no further than h.u.g-flower – a store specialising in gluten-free cheese terrine cakes that is so popular they once sold 2,800 units in just one day!

h.u.g-flower has stores in both Gifu and Yokohama, and with their popularity ever on the rise, they have decided to open a third location in Tokyo’s Roppongi.
The new store’s interior includes a stone countertop and has been designed with an aesthetic theme that resembles a luxury hotel reception. Additionally, the new store’s lineup sells each selection of cheese terrine in an original box limited to the Tokyo store

The main aim of h.u.g-flower is to produce cheese terrine with a light and refreshing flavour that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

All of the dishes produced at h.u.g-flower are gluten free, free of preservatives and domestically produced using milk from Hokkaido. Each slice is prepared with perfection in mind, as the chefs pursue a beautiful rectangular shape, lacking in both bulges or dents, and uniform in baked colour.
Great care is taken to produce h.u.g-flower’s cheese terrines, from manufacturing, all the way through to packaging and shipping. Packed away inside a beautiful foil stamped box that has been calculated in size down to the very millimeter, this selection of h.u.g-flower’s cheese terrines are designed to impress you from the very moment you open them.

With each slice individually portioned and wrapped, the only effort required by you is to savour each and every bite.

h.u.g-flower’s original Cheese Terrine is made using cream cheese, sour cream, fresh cream, butter, organically farmed vanilla beans, eggs, sugar and liqueur. Each selection comes in slices of 6, cut into equal parts and individually packaged.

h.u.g-flower Original Cheese Terrine (1 slice) – 800 yen
h.u.g-flower Original Cheese Terrine (6 slices) – 3,800 yen

In addition to their classic cheese terrine, the new h.u.g-flower TOKYO store will include a zunda-flavoured selection to commemorate the opening of the new location.
The Zunda Cheese Terrine will be the first of h.u.g-flower’s menu to use vegetables, and will be made from top-quality edamame beans from Gifu Prefecture. This flavour will be available for a limited time only, and will end as soon as each box is sold out.

Zunda Cheese Terrine (6 slices) – 4,800 yen

Every h.u.g-flower store also offers limited edition seasonal cheese terrines, with this summer’s special menu including the Spicy Peach Cheese Terrine, made with fresh peach confiture and accentuated by black pepper and ground cinnamon.

Spicy Peach Cheese Terrine (1 slice) – 950 yen
Spicy Peach Cheese Terrine (6 slices) – 4,800 yen

h.u.g-flower TOKYO

Opened on: 4 July 2021
Location: B1F Roppongi Hills North Tower, Tokyo, 106-0032
Business Hours: 11:00am – 20:00pm (shortened hours), 10:00am – 20:00pm (normal hours)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.