Miraikan, or The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, currently displays one of Japan's most advanced humanoid robots--"Alter". Alter is known for having sensory and expression capabilities that allow it to do a number of incredible things, one of which is nearly perfectly mimic human movement it detects.

This makes for quite the fun exhibit, where guests and watch Alter mimic of number of silly movements they perform, while also staring in wonder at perhaps a preview of the robotics marvels may overtake us.

Fortunately it appears humanity still has soldiers more than capable of stopping a robot in its tracks: otaku! Japanese Twitter user Ryokapi @kapi_hskw) recently decided to test Alter's abilities by performing Wotagei (sometimes called otagei), the gesture-filled cheering and dancing that many otaku perform at idol concerts as well as anime conventions.

Alter seemed to be keeping up at first, but it appears to have become completely stunned by the otaku art form.

While Alter makes a good effort at the beginning, the robot is unprepared for the fandom-fueled movements of a well-practiced wotagei. Its stunning "defeat" seems even more impactful due to the humanoid face and gaping mouth Alter sports.

When the robot invasion comes, be sure to have some otaku friends on hand.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.