The Japanese company Sanrio is famous worldwide for creations such as Hello Kitty and Pompompurin, but they also have an extensive lineup of adorable characters that are not as globally recognised.

Cogimyun is a fairly new addition to Sanrio’s character roster. She was created in 2015 and made her debut on Instagram in 2016. She is described as a fairy or sprite made of flour dough. In this year’s Sanrio Character ranking, she entered the top ten for the first time, which of course, calls for a themed cafe in celebration!

She’s known for a her soft and sweet image, and this cafe’s theme, ‘Hatsukoi’ (first love), encompasses that perfectly. Diners who book in advance will get the present of a paper fortune to find out if they will be lucky in love or not! If you order a drink you can also get a random drinks coaster as a souvenir.

The food has a very pink and sweet theme, even the main dishes are pink with strawberry accents. There’s a strawberry curry with an adorable Cogimyun rice mound in the middle (1540 yen).

Strawberry pasta is another cute option, which even has flowers as decoration (1430 yen).

The bouquet-inspired salad is super adorable (1320 yen).

But of course, the desserts turn the kawaii meter to eleven with cotton candy strawberry parfaits (1430 yen).

There’s also strawberry sandwiches (1320 yen).

The drinks menu is just as sweet as the dessert options. The pastel pink theme continues with the strawberry milk (1210 yen).

And the cafe lattes have a charming image of Cogimyun in the foam (880 yen).

You don’t even have to stick around to taste Cogimyun’s super cute food, the take out menu includes the strawberry sandwiches (700 yen) and the strawberry milk in a takeout souvenir bottle (1870 yen).

The original merchandise sold at the cafe will also be unbelievably pastel and adorable, with key chains, stationery, plates and more.

This temporary cafe has just opened in Shibuya Box Cafe & Space, located in Shibuya 109, and it will be open until 12th September 2021. Check out the website for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.