While cats have been enjoying some rather cute and creative bedding situations released in Japan lately, such as pet beds that turn them into feline instant noodle cups and fruit tarts, but unfortunately our furry friends find themselves on the outs at capsule hotels.

Japan's capsule hotels, which typically offer an affordable minimal accommodation for those who have missed last train or simply only need enough space to sleep at their lodging.

Well, that sorely missing piece of feline domain has now been provided by Akihabara-based retailer Thanko with their latest release: an Animal Capsule Hotel equipped with a cooler and heater.

The Animal Capsule Hotel is essentially a pet bed, but designed with the cozy comfort of a capsule hotel in mind. The miniature hotel can provide a comfortable environment for pets by adjusting the temperature of the seating plate from 14 to 40 degrees Celsius for use during harsh summers and cold winter months.

The timer can be set from 1 to 12 hours, and will shut off automatically when the time is up. It also it equipped with a thermal fuse to prevent overheating.

Here are some of its detailed specifications (from Thanko via Amazon):

Size: 17.7 x 12.6 x 14.0 inches (450 x 320 x 355 mm); Weight: 9.8 oz (2

Rated Voltage: 100 V - 240 V; Rated Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz; Rated Power Consumption: 20 W; Cooling / Heating System: Peltier (electronic)

Temperature Settings: 39 - 104°F (14 - 40°C); Timer Settings: 1 - 12 hours; Safety device: Temperature fuse thermostat (temperature fuse) When over 155°F (75°C), the fuse will be cut off, power off

Load Capacity: Up to approximately 33.1 lbs (15 kg); Compatible Pets: Dogs and cats over 3 months and dogs are suitable for small dogs. Entrance Size: 11.8 x 7.9 inches (300 x 200 mm)

Cable Length: 47.2 inches (120 cm) (including power plug); Material: ABS, PE, aluminum Accessories: Main unit, AC adapter, bed pad (100% polyester), bear pad, Japanese instruction manual (English language not guaranteed)

Package Size (W x H x D): 18.9 x 15.7 x 14.4 inches (480 x 400 x 365 mm); Weight: 14.1 oz (4,000 g)

While intended for cats, The Animal Capsule Hotel can be safely used for small dogs and other animals such as ferrets. It is available from Village Vanguard and Thanko in Japan, as well as Amazon for overseas customers.

By - Big Neko.